Summer Beauty Woes

    Steamy summer temps can put serious stress on your hair, skin and makeup. Read on for expert tips on banishing frizzy hair, greasy skin, blotchy tans, and your biggest summer beauty woes.

    By Melissa Goldberg


    Work a smoothing serum into damp hair and blow dry in sections. To cut frizz, blast the cool button for 10 seconds before releasing hair from the brush, advises Mario Russo, Owner of Boston's Salon Mario Russo. Make sure each section is 100% dry-the slightest bit of remaining moisture will cause it to frizz. Finally, lock in shine by passing a ceramic flat iron over each section. If you have thick, coarse hair, use 2-3 strokes with the iron, says Amy Abramite, Creative Director of Chicago's Maxine Salon.

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    Embarassing Body Breakouts
    Avoid heavy lotions and body products that are brightly colored or have a strong scent, as they often contain dyes and fragrances that can clog pores. Shower frequently, exfoliate bump-prone areas regularly, and wash with a body cleanser that is specially formulated to fight acne, advises Beverly Hills Dermatologist Ava Shamban. For severe cases, see a derm for a prescription

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    Runny Makeup
    Any skin type can benefit from oil-free products, which hold up better in humid weather. Switch to translucent powder since it's smaller particles leave a natural finish that doesn't feel heavy. Steer clear of high-pigment cosmetics - the less pigment on your face, the more flawless you will look throughout the day. And bronzers are another summer must-use a powder formula as blush or even foundation, and it will stay put in the heat, says Sara Biria, Sephora Pro Beauty Team Expert.

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    Blotchy Tan
    Always exfoliate first to smooth and hydrate skin. Then apply a tinted self-tanner with long strokes for an even application. Remember to set aside enough time for the process since dressing too soon can leave creases and smear lotion into unsightly blotches, advises Gabrielle Phals, Co-Owner of NYC's Haven Spa.

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    Oily, Greasy Skin
    Make sure your skincare routine contains oil-free products. Use a gentle pH-balanced cleanser since abrasive soaps are too alkaline and will strip your skin of its natural oils (which can result in even more oil being produced to compensate). Also incorporate a light toner into your summer routine to remove excess sweat, dirt and residue that may be left over from sunblock, advises La Jolla, CA Dermatologist Dr. Mitchel Goldman.

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    Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner, $7.99

    Fading Hair Color
    Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours after you get it colored so that you don't prematurely rinse out pigment. Before hitting the beach or pool, dampen strands with tap or bottled water and work a leave-in conditioner on to protect and nourish your tresses. For true sun lovers, look for a product that also contains a UV filter, says Antonio Gonzales, Hair Expert at NYC's Eva Scrivo Salon.

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    Biolage Hydratherapie Hydra-Seal Leave-In Créme, $14.

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    Beaten-Up Feet
    Summer's airy open-toed shoes keep your feet on constant display. Get them in shape with a rich sea salt scrub. It exfoliates soles without making skin too slippery, which can lead to painful blisters. Keep cuticles moisturized with a daily application of replenishing oil so that your pretty pedicure shade looks fresh and professional, says Roxanne Valinoti, CND Ambassador.

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    Sun-Stressed Eyes
    Exposure to the sun's dehydrating rays (not to mention repeated squinting) can make eyes puffy and irritated in the heat. "A simple rule of physics is that cold contracts molecules and heat expands them. Putting your eye cream in the fridge will help reduce puffiness when you apply it around your eyes faster than if you leave it on the counter," says Scott-Vincent Borba, Founder of Borba.

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    Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Cream, $42.

    Light Face / Darker Body
    Our bodies often get more sun exposure than our faces, which can leave a color discrepancy. Apply a face-formulated self-tanner at night to boost your complexion. During the day, try a golden or bronze tinted moisturizer to further even out your tone and provide light to medium coverage, says Celebrity Makeup Artist Kerry Malouf.

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