Will a Pre-Yoga Pedi Bring You One Step Closer to Enlightenment? Apparently, It's Not a Stretch. Photo by Getty Images

When Ji Baek, owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge, confessed that she loves looking at her sparkly pedicure while doing downward dogs in yoga, I suddenly felt I had a kindred spirit. A good pedi really affects my practice, and I'm no longer ashamed to admit it.

If you think I sound shallow, hold that thought, and listen to Julia Chan, the manager of Soho Sanctuary in New York City. In true yogic fashion, she's totally accepting of the role nail polish plays in my path to enlightenment.

"Nail polish is a form of self-expression for many women," says Chan. "If painting your toenails before yoga makes you happy, then it's part of your practice."

So what colors are making yogis happy right now?

According to Chan, brights, brights, and more brights!

Sanctuary's clients often pop in for pedis at the space's in-house Beauty Loft, where the vibrant reds and pinks from OPI and Lippmann Collection are usually first choice.

"The bold pinks and reds show that they're looking forward to the summer," she says. "They're ready for change."

Talk About Twinkle Toes. "Look Rich, Be Cheap" Polish by Rescue Beauty Lounge

In L.A., yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff tells me she's seeing bright blues, blacks, diamond appliqués, and even mini paintings on toes in the studio. Here in London, I've noticed my classmates rocking violet lacquers.

And me? I'm all about Rescue Beauty Lounge's Look Rich, Be Cheap ($18). When I focus on the shimmery gold and purple glittery bits, I swear I go into a meditative state.

But that said, don't look to your neighbor's mat for yogic inspiration. "Whatever awakens your happiness chakra, your joy center, is right for your practice," says Pastiloff.