Technology Has Changed. Luckily, So Has Makeup. Photo by Getty Images

Just in time for the national Digital TV switch on June 12, Make Up For Ever will launch its High Definition Elixir. This non-oily, non-sticky serum instantly hydrates and firms skin -- creating a smooth and even palette that's sure to sock it to the HD camera's 6x magnification of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

"Everyone wants to look natural and have beautiful, firm skin," said Creator and Artistic Director Dany Sanz. "I designed this product with the everyday woman in mind who has normal imperfections. If it's good for HD camera then it's good for everyday light!"

Your Skin in HD. Photo Courtesy of Make Up For Ever.

Formulated especially for dry, flaky skin, the HD Elixir contains key ingredients like D-Panthenol and Glycerin for hydration, Dermican for firmness and tonicity, Argatensyl for rapid tightening and Fucogel for combating environmental factors like pollution. And clinical tests reveal that the product increases skin moisture 520% after just 15 minutes!

"A lot of things around us are is changing," said Sanz. "And we have to go with the [new] rules. It's not just the [makeup] brush!"

This "magical" product pulls double duty as part skincare, part makeup. So, whether your skin needs an instant boost of hydration on a sun-scorching summer day or you're in need of a primer to recreate a flawless red carpet look, the HD Elixir gives you both with just a few pumps from its push button dropper.

Pro Beauty Tip: Mix the product directly into your foundation for a smoother and more moisturizing application.

Make Up For Ever HD Elixir ($38) will be available exclusively at starting June 12th.