New twists on our Fresh favorites. Photos courtesy of Fresh

If H&M is fast-fashion, Fresh is slow beauty.

Launching products at a considerably more relaxed and thoughtful pace than their contemporaries, co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg always make it worth the wait: Every product is delicious to use, nourishing for the skin and pretty to look at.

So when Glazman flew to London to present the brand's products in the roof garden atop a ritzy London hotel, I knew his journey was worth it. Among other goodies, Glazman showed me three incarnations of the brand's most sought-after products.

Fresh fans, rejoice.

Rose Freshface Primer
The third of Fresh's fabulous face bases, this primer diffuses the look of imperfections and creates a nice base for your makeup, causing it to last longer. And unlike other primers, this one goes on smooth and never, ever feels slippery or tacky. $36

Brown Sugar Body Cream To mark the 10th anniversary of the Brown Sugar Body Polish, Fresh introduces its creamy, heavenly-scented companion. So incredibly soothing to the skin, it leaves you feeling velvety soft. $35

Umbrian Clay Freshface Foundation SPF 20
Mineral-rich, Umbrian clay is a natural remedy that helps purify and rebalance the system, which is why Fresh uses it in so many of its products. The latest is this buildable, oil-controlling foundation, essential for preventing summer breakouts. $42

Sneak preview: Glazman tells me Fresh will soon be offering Umbrian clay in bulk. You can actually mix the powdered clay with water and drink it to cleanse and detoxify your entire system. "It's not unpleasant" he says, which is all the more reason to avoid those silly, gag-inducing cleanses that are all the rage right now.