Photo courtesy of PMK/HBH

Who wouldn't want to be Adrienne Bailon?

As a middle-aged male journalist I usually try to keep such thoughts to myself. But speaking with the 25-year-old triple threat who recently made the jump from Disney star (she was Chanel, lead singer of the Cheetah Girls) to MTV host I'm thinking, "Hell yeah, I'd change places with her."

"I'm hosting this new show called 'Made Challenge,'" she explained this week before heading off to film in Connecticut. As the title suggests, the show is a spin-off of the MTV hit, with the twist that young people compete towards achieving the same goal.

As a New York girl who found fame in California, and then came home again, Bailon mixes east and west coast style in her wardrobe.

"I grew up in New York City, so everybody in L.A. always thought I looked different. In New York people like to dress up more, people go out in dresses but in L.A. people are in flip-flops and shorts at the clubs. I like to take what I learned from L.A. and combine the style."

And for the hip 25-year-old that means ... ?

"Right now because it's spring and the weather is both hot and cold some days, I'm collecting jean jackets, because you always need a jacket in L.A. to go out at night," she said. "And I am obsessed with sandals right now, gladiator sandals, and bright colors. Bright nail polishes -- right now I'm into this thing called Minx, it's something that gives you solid gold nails. I'm obsessed with it. My nails and my toes look like they're dipped in 14-karat gold."

Gold toes and gladiator sandals sound pretty fabulous, no?

"Well, the most important lesson I've learned is to stay grounded and stay humble and realize that I've been given an amazing opportunity," she says. "So many people out there are so gifted and so talented and don't get discovered, so I really feel blessed to have this opportunity. I never take it for granted."