Hop to it! Paul Smith and his latest innovation. Photo by Tim Whitby, Getty Images

"It" Brit designer, Paul Smith, has come up with a novel way to encourage Londoners not to litter as part of the Design Museum's Super Contemporary Exhibition at Covent Garden Piazza in London.

The just unveiled five-foot rabbit rubbish bin is best described as a "throw your trash into the bunny basket" carnival-like game (though it's not rigged). No one stands next to the receptacle yelling "step right up!" and, thank God, there isn't anyone guessing your weight! But it does light up whenever garbage is deposited. Score!

You don't win a cheap stuffed animal if you make the shot (and you better make the shot!). Three dunks in a row doesn't equal the huge, top-shelf prize. And, no, you won't have a goldfish in a Ziploc to take home. But you will be doing the right -- and apparently, now stylish -- thing!

Sadly, at the moment, it's just part of an art exhibit, but we could totally see one in front of Topshop! and really hope next time we hop the pond the sidewalks are rabbit ridden.