Would you buy your beauty products from a former truck driver? Photo courtesy of Avon

Reese Witherspoon made a smart move by signing on as Avon's global ambassador. The company is booming! New Zealand news web site Stuff recently profiled the company's Australian division's spike in door-to-door salespeople – 7,000 new representatives in February alone.

Normally, we'd probably just say "saleswomen," but Avon's newest recruits span age -- and gender. The Australian division told the news site that as a result of the recession and growing unemployment rate, it has the most unlikely candidates entering the beauty sales field.

The most interesting highlight of the article? A 59-year-old former truck driver who's pulling in $36,000 a year selling makeup and other beauty products in the nabe. ( Honk if you're out of Skin So Soft!) Did we mention he's color-blind? He's been at it four years now, so he must have some innate sense of the market.

How's Avon doing in the U.S.? Company spokesperson, Jennifer Vargas, says Avon has seen a 20 percent increase in salespeople from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009. "It takes $10 to start your own business," says Vargas. "And a salesperson can work on their own terms." Sounds pretty good to us. Plus, Avon is the largest global micro-lender to women, she adds. (The company allows reps to take product and pay for it after they've been paid by their customers.)

So, if you're unemployed (wearing your Laid Off Need a Job bracelet, of course) and need something to keep the paychecks coming, perhaps Avon's knocking at your door...