"Vintage" by Kate Moss. With retro bottle to match. Photo courtesy of Coty

Kate Moss has made a fortune re-imagining her own vintage-chic style for the Kate Moss Topshop collection, so it's no surprise that she'd take the same no-fail approach for her line of fragrances for Coty. The name of her latest, and third scent, says it all: "Vintage."

"I am fascinated by vintage pieces because they not only have a remarkable beauty but also an innate sense of history," says Moss. "I love the fact that each object has its own story to tell. And yet vintage items can be reinvented with a modern twist to make them very fresh and relevant today. That's why vintage looks have inspired my personal style, my work as a fashion designer and, now, my fragrance."

While the smell of even the most fabulous vintage find is hardly something I'd dream of bottling, unsurprisingly, the supermodel/designer's relationship with vintage bears no resemblance to my own musty, thrift shop encounters.

Au contraire, "Vintage" is an elegant, sumptuous fruity-floral, opening with pretty top notes of white freesia, mandarin and the increasingly-popular pink pepper (which is also in Estée Lauder's brand-new Pure White Linen Coral).

Shortly after the top notes fade, you begin to take in the jasmine and almond flower, before it settles into tonka bean, vanilla and musk. Sound sexy? It is!

The only catch is that when the fragrance launches this September, it will be exclusively in Europe. But since it is Kate Moss we're talking about, I have faith that it will make its way stateside pretty quickly (meaning sans a Topshop-style wait).

Until then, I have no doubt that all you Kate Moss groupies will manage to score a bottle, despite the long distance.