Blondes: Saving the world one strand at a time. Photo: Getty

Last weekend, several hundred blondes from all across Latvia descended on the town of Riga, reports Yahoo! News.

The "Legally Blonde" look-alikes -- dressed in pink and white, some with lap dogs in tow -- marched in a local parade attempting to lift the grim mood of the financially depressed country. Leave it to the blondes and their lofty ambitions.

The event was a fundraiser, but luckily, the blondes didn't think they could actually rescue Latvia financially. They did however raise money to support neighborhood playground safety for disabled children.

And it was an all-inclusive event: The Times Online reported prior to the festivities that "brunettes and women of other hair color are welcome to join the parade -- behind the blondes." We can just imagine the "brunettes to the back!" marching orders.

Organizers hope the event will become an annual tradition, even lobbying to christen May 31 as National Blondes Day. Wonder if they're playing off of the U.S.'s National Blonde Day, which was a publicity stunt to gear up for the 2003 release of "Legally Blonde 2." Elle Woods would be so proud!