Get gams like these at Leg School (if you can afford it!). Photo by Arjun Kartha/

Cellulite is like the killer in an '80s horror movie -- no matter how hard you fight, it just won't die.

Over the years there have been lotions, potions, diets, massages and plenty of wacky contraptions invented to smooth the dimply predicament, but most women have accepted the fact that none of them actually work. Until now, that is. Introducing Leg School.

A cellulite-cursed writer for UK's Daily Telegraph flew to the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa to attend and report on Leg School -- an intensive, three-day, cellulite-blasting overhaul run by a renowned doctor who has made it his mission to study and remedy the causes of cellulite.

So if you're plagued with cellulite (and everyone is -- even models) and are able and willing to shell out thousands of dollars to fly to Capri, you too can attack your cellulite with medical massages, holistic mud treatments, ice-cold water baths and herbal teas, because supposedly the results are astounding.

And hey, you might even see Gwyneth Paltrow there -- the article spills the beans that she has her own personally-decorated suite.

But if you don't have a few thousand dollars to drop on battling cellulite before the quickly approaching bikini season, check out these (more affordable) options instead.

Kneipp Grape Seed Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil This stuff is the real deal. Leg School uses Kneipp's products and techniques to improve circulation in the legs.

Rodial Cellulite Body Sculpture I've heard that if you apply it and then wear Spanx, you'll achieve shrinking results in no time.

A Boring Body Brush Not too glamorous, but every massage therapist under the sun swears by brushing dry skin in an upward motion to flush out toxins that form cellulite. Followed by drinking a ton of water with lemon.

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