One for him and one for you! Banana Republic's new fragrances launch this September. Photo courtesy of Banana Republic.

Banana Republic was right on the money when they launched their delicious Discover fragrance collection a few years back. This fall B. Rep will make their fragrance-affcionado customers even happier when they launch a new duo -- Republic of Women and Republic of Men.

Inspired by the bond between men and women, these new scents are designed to play off each other and smell great when worn at the same time. In other words, it's the fragrance duo designed for power couples!

Republic of Women combines juicy notes like lychee, floral superstars like peony, and sensual musk, while Republic of Men brings together fresh herbals like rosemary and sage with uber-manly notes of cedarwood and sandalwood. Plus, they come in stately glass bottles that channel the classic sophistication Banana Republic is known for.

Look for the launch in September -- which is just about when you'll grow bored with your fruity summery splashes!