Photo: Jeff Vespa, WireImage

I have always ALWAYS supported Bar Refaeli. She converted me away from my Marisa Miller obsession, and now I consider her the hottest swimsuit model.

It's not like I am one of the millions of girls to have a thing for her man, Leo DiCaprio, either. I just happen to think she's gorgeous in a really natural, extremely lucky kind of way.

So what the heck was this orange tan all about?

At the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday, Bar clearly abandoned the natural beauty angle. Perhaps she experimented with Linday Lohan's new Sevin Nyne self-tanner? (All kidding aside, we haven't tried it, so if you have and it's great -- or gross -- please leave a comment and let us know!)

So, use beautiful Bar as a cautionary tale and don't go overboard -- or orange. There are plenty of sunless options out there whether you're into spray tans or traditional lotions.

But here's a tip: St. Tropez is one brand that seems to deliver perfect color on any skin tone.

If you attempted a self-tan and ended up orange like Bar, don't worry! Here are some hints on how to fix a self-tanning disaster.