Red, white and glue? Photo: Michael Nagle, Getty Images

Hey, is that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin singing karaoke? (Cue Kelly Pickler's "Red High Heels"...)

Palin showed up to give a speech at the Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism fundraiser in Purchase, NY on Sunday, and walked away with some unexpected press.

Her, shall we say, loud choice in digit decoration was the focus of numerous media reports. It appears she has a constellation of polka dots layered over red polish on her big toe.

So ... trendy or tacky? Mom-appropriate? Or best left to tweens at a Miley Cyrus concert?

Roxanne Valinoti, a Creative Nail Design Ambassador says, "Trendy! The toes are a great clue inside a person's alter ego ... her blinged out toes suggest she is a free spirit." Agree? Then feel free to try the look yourself. Valinotti says it's easy: "Rhinestones or glitter applied over wet polish with a coat of topcoat to seal." Voila! A Palin Pedi.

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