The Sun Maita Threader Kit includes everything you need to make "peach fuzz" a thing of the past. Photo courtesy of Sun Maita

I've never tried threading for hair removal before, but I was beyond intrigued when I met with Anita Sun, co-creator of the Sun Maita Threader Kit.

She showed off her baby-smooth face and attributed it to threading since she was 12 (a Chinese right of passage, as she described it).

Women who have noticeable facial hair spend a ton of money on in-salon threading treatments, that's why Anita Sun and co-creator Sara Maita invented the Threader so women could do it cost-effectively at home.

I've never been bothered by facial hair, per se, but Sun said that simply taking off my "peach fuzz" would allow my makeup to go on more smoothly and give my skin a radiant appearance. Who could turn that down?

Hair today, gone tomorrow. A model shows off just how easy the Threader is to use. Photo courtesy of Sun Maita

The contraption was much easier to use than I expected and incredibly effective at getting every last hair.

Though, not having experienced threading before, I (naively) didn't expect it to hurt. (I guess I hadn't used enough of the numbing cream that comes with the kit.)

But once I got over the initial shock, I plowed right through (so to speak) and sure enough -- achieved super-soft, glowing skin.

Once you get the hang of it, you can use the Threader for brow upkeep in between appointments, but Sun doesn't recommend you do a shape overhaul using the at-home kit (that's best left to professionals).

It's also ideal for people who can't tolerate waxing (like Retin-A users) or sensitive-skinned folks prone to ingrown hairs.

Since the Threader pulls the fuzz out at the root, Anita says that over time the hairs just sort of give up and don't grow back as thick. I'll thread to that!

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