Dita Von Teese owns the bright red lip. Photo: Getty Images

Does wearing red lipstick mean you have a more active and passionate sex life?

According to a recent study that ran in the Daily Mail, the answer is yes!

In fact, the research even goes as far as to say that women with bright red pouts have better career prospects, while it revealed that those with bare lips "usually lack confidence and feel less sexy than those who wear statement colours."

VIE at home surveyed 3000 women about their choice in lipstick and analyzed how it correlated to their state of mind.

They looked at self-confidence, love life, happiness, sex appeal and career, and figured out which colors were best and worst for each area. (Check out the results here).

Approximately three out of four women said lipstick affected their mood, and more than half said they experienced heightened optimism after applying lipstick; nearly as many said they changed lipstick depending on how they felt.

The most shocking statistic? The study showed that the average woman has five shades of lipstick, and carries just one at a time.

Wait a minute! Only five?! Clearly, we are not your average women and have a serious lipstick addition, but that's a whole different study.