Adult acne is on the rise due to increased stress levels (thanks, crappy economy!). Photo: Getty

Did anyone talk about their acne before Proactiv? It's been almost 15 years since those now-ubiquitous infomercials came into our lives and made us realize we are not alone - Jessica Simpson get zits too!

Co-creator of Proactiv, Dr. Kathy Fields, says," The stigma of acne is dramatically lifted thanks to Proactiv. People used to deny that they even had it, but now you hear people bragging about how they got rid of their acne."

Proactiv's latest acne-buster, Clear Purifying Mask, uses natural sulfur to heal zits. Photo courtesy of Proactiv

To celebrate the launch of the first ever National Acne Awareness Month, Dr. Fields helps us face the facts.

Mom and Dad Are to Blame: If acne is hormonal, and everyone pretty much has the same hormones, why do some people get pimples while others don't? "Because the way your body responds to those hormones is genetic," explains Dr. Fields. Some people respond by getting giant zits, so thank you, Mom and Dad!

Hormones in Our Food Are Suspicious: There are many reasons why pumping farm animals full of hormones is scary, and one of them might be that it triggers acne in people. Dr. Fields says that dermatologists have been looking into research possibly linking hormones in our food to the rise of acne and "it's certainly a concern - but there's no hard proof right now." One more reason to live by the saying "you are what you eat!"

The Recession is Causing More Acne: Right now, people are stressed. Dr. Fields says that she's seeing patients who haven't needed an appointment with her in years because they're all experiencing stress-induced acne. If there is one clear cause of acne besides hormone fluctuations, it's stress. So do some yoga and try to chill.

Proactiv's New Mask is the Bomb: Sulfur is a great natural ingredient for clearing up pimples, but it usually stinks and leaves white marks on your face. Not so with the new Clear Purifying Mask! They somehow managed to make a clear, odorless formula - meaning you can also use it as an invisible spot treatment. Genius!