nadja swarovski and tim hamilton

Tim Hamilton and Nadja Swarovski strike a pose at the CFDAs. Photo: Getty Images

On Monday night, the Council of Fashion Designers of America celebrated its own with a lavish gala held at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall in Manhattan. Among the sea of chic attendees was Nadja Swarovski whose namesake company underwrote the entire event. Here Swarovski offers her thoughts on the evening, and why she avoided the all exclusive after-parties.

What a magical evening! It was great to see how the CFDA Awards have emerged from a small, intimate setting to something on a much grander scale. And of course I love seeing the once young and emerging designers winning in the "adult" categories.

I'm so happy for Proenza Schouler! Their partnership with the Valentino Group really exposed their business to new possibilities and to factories and resources -- and now they've won the Accessories category. It's nice to see their hard work rewarded. I see the future of fashion as being about collaborations and partnerships.

I thought the addition of the Popular Vote was interesting as well. It really makes fashion more accessible to the general public. Of course Ralph Lauren was going to win! That's the power of advertising. I don't think people in Des Moines, Iowa know who Proenza Schouler are.

The CFDA is doing a good job of bringing fashion to the general public. I'm so proud that Swarovski is helping to impact the industry in a positive way. The American spirit is just fantastic. I miss that in London! The sky is the limit in America.

As for the people that I thought looked great -- definitely Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Diane (von Furstenberg) is always amazing. For my own outfit, I had originally commissioned Wu but there were so many great designers to choose from that I decided to go for a European designer instead, Alexander McQueen. I still consider the Wu dress an art investment. It represents a historic moment in time. Unlike art, fashion can go out of style, but that will be a beautiful vintage dress.

After the awards we drove to the Calvin Klein party but I thought, "I can't. I have to go home." I had a full day of meetings and I'll get carried away. I had to practice will power and control! How borrrring!