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Did someone forget to turn their headlights off? Christina Ricci at the L.A. Film Festival Opening Night Gala. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Christina Ricci made quite an impression at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival's Opening Night Gala yesterday.

Her dress was pretty, and she looked great in general, but it was a little difficult to get past the, um, wardrobe malfunction going on up top.

Was it intentional? A lightweight dress, flashbulbs, and no bra on a Los Angeles red carpet is a recipe for nipple distraction. (Nipple distraction: noun; the phenomenon where the absence of a brassiere makes it impossible to focus on anything else other than said victim's assets.)

Nipsticks, your new best friends for going braless. Photo courtesy of Intimacy

The actress is a bold, fearless fashionista -- so, really, we wouldn't be shocked..

In fact, someone out there must think women want to enhance nipple protrusion: There's a bra that does just that. As Jezebel points out, The Nipple Bra is the enigma of the undergarment world.

And let's be honest: Ricci's offense is a minor one compared to the privates-baring antics of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. (Ricci may forgo a bra, but it appears that she has no problem remembering her underwear.)

Susan Nethero, aka the Bra Whisperer, says, "Christina Ricci is such a lovely girl and her outfit is darling. However, when choosing to go braless, never show your nips...not in public anyway." The owner of NYC bra shop Intimacy adds, "She needs Nipsticks (above), an adhesive and reusable nipple cover that will keep your headlights from stealing the show."

Nethero says another option is the Pick-Me-Up by Pure Girlfriends, which is essentially tape for the twins. "This nifty little adhesive boasts two inches of lift, perking up even the most gravity laden bust!" she explains. Both are available at Intimacy stores. Got that, Christina?

Underwear Oops

    Bra straps showing? Muffin top? Visible panty lines or even worse, visible panties?

    As the following celebrity examples illustrate, even a picture perfect outfit can be ruined by no undergarments or the wrong ones. (Case-in-point: Mariah Carey walking through the airport braless in Los Angeles). But these common "undies oops" are easily avoided.
    Melissa Foss shows what you can learn from these stars' foundation faux pas.

    Splash News

    Lady GaGa opted for electrical tape instead of pasties, or even better, a camisole, when she wore this sheer shirt out in London.

    James Curley, Rex USA

    En route to a London nightclub, Kate Moss commits a nip slip (her second of the day) and flashes her undies while attempting to slink out of the car. At least she was wearing the latter.


    There are certain times when a bra of any kind just won't cut it (right, Mariah, GaGa, Kate and Lindsay?). But that doesn't mean you need a DIY tape creation to avoid nip slips.

    London Entertainment/ Splash

    These multi-wear, waterproof nipple covers are pure genius and make slightly sheer fabrics a fashion DO for those who dare. And for those who are more modest (and modestly endowed), they can add peace of mind under a halter top: Think of them as insurance.
    Sassybax Sassynips, $18,

    Jennifer Garner's panties are not only far past their sell by date they're also to high for her low slung jeans.


    To avoid Garner's low-rise "oops" (so you can lean over without fear), try the go-to undies Hollywood loves. They're designed to sit lower on the hip and have a 3.5 inch rise (which covers the important bits, but not much more). Cameron Diaz is a fan.
    Hanky Panky Low Rise Signature Lace Thong, $18,

    Expectant mom Kimora Lee Simmons let's it all hand out during a trip to the park.


    VPL- Visible Panty Lines
    Alert: Always check your rear view in a 3-way-mirror! Even a skinny minnie, fashion-forward celeb like Teri Hatcher isn't immune. While thongs have a reputation for curtailing this issue, it's actually the under-rated boy shorts that prevent a VPL catastrophe.


    "Boy shorts were invented to solve this problem," says Heide Kennedy, stylist for the chic sample sale site, Savvy ( Choose a pair that are smooth, not lacy, to sport under workout gear, skirts, pants, and even jeans. You think you look good arriving? Now you know you look great leaving too.
    Elle Macpherson Intimates Distinction Boy Shorts, $24,

What do you think? Would you have covered up? Or let it all hang out? Tell us below in a comment.