L'Oreal fought back against the knockoffs and won! Photo: Nordstrom.com

We've all had a run-in with a "designer imposter" fragrance or two -- occasionally it's in the bathroom of a club, and sometimes it's when we're trapped in an elevator with the woman who wore too much. It's never good, so we're thrilled to hear that L'Oréal has won their case against three firms that copied some of L'Oréal's top perfumes!

WWD reports that the three firms -- Bellure, Malaika and Starion -- manufactured, imported and distributed knockoffs of popular L'Oréal fragrances like Trésor, Anaïs-Anaïs and Noa in the U.K. Yesterday, the European Court of Justice ruled in L'Oréal's favor.

Not only were the fragrances themselves similar -- packaging and bottles were also imitated, leading the ECJ to find it "unfair for a company to ride on the coat tails of another's prestige and substantial financial investment without paying them any compensation," according to WWD.

However, this doesn't mean that designer imposter fragrances are a thing of the past. The ECJ made it clear that decisions would be made on a case by case basis, subjected to "a global assessment." Things like the strength and reputation of the trademarked brand will be considered, and they'll also look at just how similar the imitation is to the original.