maria sharapova bluetooth dress

Maria Sharapova shows off the Bluetooth-enabled dress, left. Photo: Getty Images

Your dress is calling again! That's what you might hear if you wore the Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth-enabled dress.

Tennis star and Sony-Ericsson spokesperson Maria Sharapova showed off the tech-meets-fashion prototype this week in London. But don't get your hopes up: The dress was a one-off project by 20-year-old London College of Fashion student Georgie Davies.

Sony-Ericsson teamed up with the design school to explore the relationship between technology and fashion, and more than 80 students competed to have their design showcased in the front window display of iconic British retailer Liberty. (Having Sharapova "Vanna White" it can't hurt, either.)

According to Davies, she wanted to find a way to alert a person when their mobile phone rings in a noisy bar or club. The result? A cocktail dress made up of interactive scales, inspired by butterfly wings. When the phone rings, the dress subtly lights up, alerting the user that she has a call.

Would you wear something like this? Creative genius or fashion disaster? Tell us below in a comment.