With so many new features, choosing between these two new sleek phones is enough to make your head spin. Luckily, there's probably an app for that. Photos: Courtesy of Apple | Courtesy of Palm

While we StyleListas are extremely well equipped to figure out which new handbag to buy, the same doesn't necessarily hold true when it comes to choosing, say, the latest cell phone (if they're even called that anymore).

That's why we thought it best to turn the debate over to gadget guru and self-proclaimed geek, Joshua Fruhlinger. As Editorial Director of Engadget.com, Switched.com, TUAW.com and DownloadSquad.com, he knows a thing or two about tech specs, and incidentally, a lot about style. Here's to geek chic!

Unless you've been hiding in a media dead zone lately, you know that Apple's newest miracle phone, the iPhone 3G S, launched today.

This new phone may look exactly the same, but it's faster, shoots better pictures, sports improved GPS navigation, and doubles the amount of memory (compared to last year's iPhone 3G).

But you might also know that Palm, the company that nearly died off with its long-in-the-tooth Treo, recently released a new touch screen handset called the Pre. This phone not only has a touch screen with iPhone-like gestures, but it also has a slide-out keyboard for those of you who don't like to tap glass when texting your friends.

Gold Rush: Kate Spade's stylish and sparkly home for your iPhone. Photo courtesy of Katespade.com

So what's the skinny on these two new phones? From a tech standpoint, they're both great.

If you're a music listener or watch videos on the go, the iPhone 3G S's 32-gigabyte capacity will suit you well.

However, if you're allergic to AT&T, the Pre is available on Sprint (and soon on Verizon). Also, the Pre is capable of running multiple apps at the same time, something the iPhone (surprisingly) doesn't do.

Style: From a looks standpoint, both phones are snazzy. Whipping out a Pre and sliding it open carries a certain cool factor, and the chrome-backed screen tells everyone that you're using the latest and greatest.

That said, the iPhone's glossy black and white makes a bold fashion statement of its own.

Since the Pre is new, you're not going to find nearly as many cases -- especially nice designer ones -- as you can for the iPhone. That will certainly change, but if you want something sleek and stylish like the above gold leather case from Kate Spade, you're going to want to stick with the iPhone as your texting-and-talking mobile accessory.

So choose well: If you are the type who likes to show off new things, give the Pre a shot. If you're looking for the tried-and-true but cool, go with the iPhone.