Can't touch this! Seriously stiff hair is big this year. From left to right, Lydia Hearst, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet and Agyness Deyn. Photos: Getty Images

Talk about old school glamour.

At the CFDAs, model/heiress Lydia Hearst was upholding 2009's new tradition of working a hairstyle suited to someone triple her age.

I'm not saying that Hearst's wavy, sculpted updo wasn't beautifully executed, I just felt it lacked the joie de vivre that I'd imagine a hot, rich, 24-year-old socialite might want to emote. Instead, the hair -- and consequentially, her entire look -- felt a bit stiff, safe, and dare I say it, staid.

But maybe I'm missing the point here. After all, this year, we've seen quite a few bright young things show up to fancy events with even fancier, by-the-books hairstyles (that my grandmother would be all over).

Drew Barrymore kick-started the whole thing at the Golden Globes, when she and her hair looked threateningly retro, spanning wider than any other style on the red carpet (or on the West Coast). Kate Winslet followed suit at the Oscars, doing her best Grace Kelly impression with that wavy helmet. And just weeks before Hearst's appearance, Agyness Deyn hit the Royal Academy of Arts Expo with a stiff, Marilyn Monroe-inspired swirl of hair.

I've always felt that the best hairstyles have an ease about them, and unfortunately, these kinds of überglamorous looks just leave me feeling a bit cold -- even a little intimidated. But hey, maybe that's what some people think glamour is all about.

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