For years I skipped blush altogether...until I tried cream blush. Smudging it on with my finger tips just seemed so much easier than trying to be artistic with a big fluffy brush. My favorites are Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss, Benefit Posie Tint (although technically a liquid), and Estee Lauder Satin Creme Blush. But no matter what brand you buy, you can apply your blush perfectly with our tips below. Follow the step-by-step photos and you're guaranteed perfect, glowing cheeks!

Beauty Basics: Cream Blush Steps

    Do you look like you've spent a little too much time indoors? Makeup artist Carmindy, star of TLC's What Not To Wear, shows us how to instantly perk up cheeks with cream blush.

    Apply on apples of cheeks:
    All you need is the right brush to get this look. Try a stippling brush, like the one used here, which you can use with wet or dry makeup. Lightly twirl the brush into a cream blush, then apply it to the apples--the round areas where your cheeks stick out.

    Extend towards the hairline:
    Lightly blend the blush all the way back towards your hairline, near your cheekbones and temples.

    Too much blush? Tone it down:
    "Don't worry if you applied too much blush it's really easy to tone it down," explains Carmindy. Just grab a makeup sponge, and put a little dab of foundation on it.

    Lightly buff down blush:
    Gently feather the foundation over areas with too much color.

    Set with loose powder:
    The last step is setting the blush with loose powder. Lightly buff translucent powder over blush to make it last all day.

    Cream blush creates an instant glowing, happy face. "It's a natural, easy way to bring color to your cheeks and enhance your complexion," says Carmindy.