Oh, Lily! The singer is the "mane" attraction in a platinum blonde wig. Photo: WENN.com

I don't know if the blonde wig Lily Allen wore out on the town last night was supposed to throw off the paparazzi, or if she was just trying to rock a Chrissy Snow of "Three's Company'" vibe. Regardless, I'm a bit confused.

If she was attempting to go incognito, nice try! Allen hit up celeb haunt Nobu in London's ritzy Mayfair neighborhood with none other than her ex, one of the Chemical Brothers.

But let's say it was purely a style thing she was going for, well, she's already proven that she looks good in every hair color (from black to bright pink), few can say the same. So why not just bite the bullet, bust out the bleach and lose the costume shop wig?

In either case, Allen looked hot, so mission accomplished, I guess.

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