Photo courtesy of Emme.

Many people will welcome the return to the small screen of Emme, the plus size model whose warmth and candor as a host of "Fashion Emergency" endeared her to millions of viewers on the E! network.

Come July 28, Emme comes back as the host of "More To Love," a reality dating show on Fox featuring a bachelor and pool of female hopefuls with full figures.

A little more than a month before the show debuts, Emme was limited as to what she could tell StyleList about the program, which concluded shooting only last Saturday. (Is there a proposal at the end? "Can't say." Any prize money? "Can't say.")

But she does share that the series features confidence-building exercises and the individual stories of the curvy singles, many of whom feel that their size has hurt their dating prospects.

"There's no-one who's a size zero or a size two," Emme told us. "Or a four or a six, or an eight. I don't believe there was a ten but I think the size range was from a twelve to a twenty. And it was so wonderfully refreshing to see these women all in different sizes showing that everybody is all the same."

Unlike other hybrid shows like Oxygen's "Dance Your Ass Off," "More To Love" does not feature a weight-loss component. "There's varying degrees of women who are involved in a healthy lifestyle of working out, but it's not a focus," says Emme. "I think it's really about the story of people trying to find love, just like 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' (whose executive producer, Mike Fleiss, also did this show.)"

Emme, who finalized her divorce a year ago, told us that she is looking for love herself. But in the meantime she is excited by the challenge of the new show and spending time with her daughter.

And does she have any full-figured fashion trends for the summer?

"I'm really enjoying the one-shoulder look," she says. "And white pants, I love my white skinny jeans! I do yoga and I train for triathlons and all that kind of stuff -- I like showing my body when it's a size 14 or size 16."