Calvin Klein replaced it's scandalous "threesome" billboard with this swimwear one. Still not exactly G-rated... Photo: Rachel Been

The Calvin Klein denim billboard that caused quite a stir last week has come down. In its place is the new Calvin Klein swimwear ad, featuring Dutch supermodel Doutzen Krous emerging from the surf.

While the new ad could be perceived as equally provocative, the "New York Daily News" polled passers-by and the consensus was much more favorable, from "I do like the bathing suit" to "This one is brilliant!"

The old Calvin Klein Jeans billboard had the public all worked up. Photo: Maggie Coughlan, AOL

Krous is currently the face of Calvin Klein swimwear and has appeared in the company's campaigns since 2005.

While one might think CK caved to the outrage, some calling the jean billboard "borderline porn," we think it might have just been a case of good timing: Summer's officially here, and the new swimwear ads, all starring Krous, have been popping up in magazines this week.

Who knows? We think Calvin Klein must be loving all the attention! Either way, the controversial image(s) brought the brand back into the media (and consumers' minds).

If the removal of the racy ad has got you down, has compiled the Top 10 Eye-Popping Ad Campaigns to keep your jaw agape.

Calvin Klein Retrospective

Calvin Klein started with $10,000 in 1968, and today earns billions of dollars in revenue every year. The controversial brand has become one of the most recognizable fashion labels on the planet.


In 1980, a 15-year-old Brooke Shields cooed that "nothing gets between me and my Calvins." CBS refused to air the spot but the campaign made the model and the designer household names.

Calvin Klein

Though his business is clothes, Klein is perhaps best known for his racy ads for fragrances and undies, which always managed to embrace the next big thing -- and infuriate the establishment in the process. This controversial Obsession ad from the 90s features then barely known model Kate Moss.

Calvin Klein

Parent groups routinely decried the raunchy ads targeted at teens, like this 90s TV ad that sent sales of the popular CK One fragrance skyrocketing.


Called "child-porn" by youth advocates, this racy 1995 billboard was publicly condemned by President Clinton. It was quickly pulled, but solidified Klein's reputation as a provocateur (and sold a lot of jeans).


Playful, or pedophilia? Four years after the CK Jeans scandal, Klein claimed these children's underwear ads captured the "warmth and spontaneity" of a family photo album -- but the American Family Association called them pornographic. A mere 24 hours after their release, the ads were yanked.


Before Mark Wahlberg was hanging with an "Entourage" his crew was the Funky Bunch and he was best known for dropping his pants, grabbing his crotch, and posing in his Calvin Klein skivvies.

Calvin Klein

If he didn't shoot them in their skivvies, the designer dressed the young and gorgeous when they were in character. Alicia Silverstone rocked this barely-there CK ensemble in the 1995 movie Clueless. "It's a dress," she told her on-screen dad (played by Dan Hedaya). "Says who?" He stammered -- to which Silverstone famously replied: "Calvin Klein!"


Klein has never been one to shy away from scandal. The designer is credited with discovering superwaif Kate Moss and turning her into a supermodel in the 90s. When she was busted for cocaine in 2005, he promptly put her to work on another campaign.

Getty Images

You know you've arrived when someone writes an unauthorized biography and "Obsession: The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein," which was published in 1994, chronicled not just the designer's rise to fame, but all the drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex that came with it. The book stopped just short of calling Klein a closeted homosexual and implied his marriage to second wife Kelly Rector was a sham. They divorced in 2006.