Paris Hilton glams it up, Dubai-style. Photo: Haider Yousuf, Getty Images

For once, Paris Hilton is late to the party.

When Hilton appeared at a splashy press conference in Dubai for her new reality series, decked out in her finest Arabian-inspired garb (and flashy gold nail polish), you had to wonder if she got the memo that the city's high-rolling, luxury obsessed culture isn't what it once was.

Still, Hilton will be looking for some willing soul to pop the champagne with, as takes to the hot streets in search of a pal in "My New Best Friend Forever."

Wait, it's more like unscrew the Evian -- Hilton may have trouble finding someone to booze it up with in the largely conservative city. But don't worry, she's prepared. Hilton recently said Dubai is "very strict" and "the rules are crazy out there."

But maybe Dubai is still a fitting destination for Hilton's noble quest. After all, it is the city that plays host to a six-week Dubai shopping festival.

Wishing both Paris -- and certainly Dubai -- the best of luck.