Bloom's coveted "Agyness" nail polish. Photo courtesy of Bloom Cosmetics

British It girls, Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung, bring more than just their irreverent fashion sense to the style arena. Apparently, they also bring the gloomy English weather, at least as far as Bloom Cosmetics is concerned.

I can only speculate that the two UK fashion icons are the inspiration for Bloom's new limited edition gray nail polishes -- "Agyness" and "Alexa" -- both online exclusives.

Agyness is a matte, concrete gray -- I like to think it's an homage to Aggy's native Manchester, the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the similarly moody band Joy Division.

Alexa is a shimmery gunmetal gray, the girlier of the two polishes (and the two girls).

These 2 shades are currently sold out -- no surprise -- but it turns out the Aussie-based company only ships polish domestically. Bummer!