Where are all the beautiful people? Must be in the back room. Photo: Getty Images

A former London Abercrombie & Fitch salesperson is suing her one-time employee for discrimination, reports The Guardian.

Riam Dean, who has a prosthetic left arm, explained to a judge that once hired in London's flagship A&F location, she was told she did not pass the "look policy" and supervisors "hid" her in the storeroom.

Dean states she was originally told she could wear a cardigan to cover the area where the prosthetic attached to her natural arm, but was later told "she could not work on the sales floor unless she took off the cardigan, as she was breaking the company's 'look policy.'" The 20-year-old law student then worked in the back room.

Dean is seeking about $41,000 in compensation. She told the newspaper, "Abercrombie taught me that beauty lies in perfection, but I would tell them that beauty lies in diversity, for I would rather live with my imperfection than to exude such ugliness in their blatant display of eugenics in policies and practices."