heidi klum

Don't mess with Heidi. Photo: Getty Images

Heidi Klum put a lot into her fragrances -- she told the Daily Star, "My perfumes carry my name to show I am fully behind them. I created them from A to Z. The scents carry my handwriting."

So, it's no wonder she didn't take kindly to a German-based internet vendor selling those scents at a serious discount on eBay.

AHN reports that she's suing the vendor for £100,000 in compensation, claiming the it is cheapening her brand. The vendor, predictably, is fighting the allegations and is expected to appear in court on July 14.

As you're probably aware, Klum has her name behind more than just fragrance -- the supermodel also has clothing, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie bearing her moniker.

The devaluing of her brand in one arena could have effects elsewhere, too, so it makes sense that she'd take this very seriously.

What do you think? Do you love a bargain, and think Klum should let the discount vendor off the hook? Or should the supermodel stand up for what her brand name is worth?