The T-shirt that led to the big house. Photo: eBay

A Lebanese man visiting Dubai was jailed after wearing a Marc Jacobs T-shirt, reports The Telegraph. Dubai, known for its flourishing shopping scene, wasn't so much dismayed by the designer label, but what was on the tee -- Victoria Beckham, naked.

Raffi Nernekian's T-shirt was one in series that Jacobs designed in 2008 for a cancer awareness campaign. (Proceeds benefitted the NYU School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group.) Nernekian's shirt displayed Beckham, nude, with the words "Protect the skin you're in" covering her naughty bits.

According to the article, Nernekian was confronted by a Dubai resident at a local bakery; when Nernekian changed and returned to the establishment, the police were waiting for him. He was sentenced to one month in prison and will be deported from Dubai after his jail term has been completed.

We always heard that Dubai was serious about fashion, but we didn't think they were prison-sentence serious.

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