A watch and ring from Bulgari's new Serpenti Collection. Photo courtesy of Bulgari

If you missed the celebrity-studded castle party that Bulgari threw in Rome last month to mark the brand's 125th anniversary, you can still get in on the action.

The iconic jewelry company -- favored by legendary actresses such as Ingrid Bergman and Elizabeth Taylor, among others -- presented its new Serpenti collection Thursday at its Fifth Avenue flagship in New York City.

The new sparkling assortment of accessories includes watches, bracelets and rings that slither (rather sensuously) around wrists and fingers in links of gold, pavé diamonds, onyx and mother of pearl.

The entry price for one of these precious creatures is a cool $4,000 (for a ring) and goes up to $85K for a pavé diamond and platinum watch.

The snake motif has adorned the limbs of beautiful women since the ancient Greeks (hello, Cleopatra!) and is traditionally believed to offer talisman-like powers to its wearer. Bulgari's initial foray into retail reptilia began in the 1940s when it designed snake's-head watches.

Bulgari's new Serpenti collection debuts in October, but by then will we all be ready for a shedding of skin?