Model turned Monet? Poser Sasha Pivovarova's illustration for Chanel. Photo:

Models are turning out be a diverse bunch. First models turned designers, now model Sasha Pivovarova has turned illustrator!

Working with Chanel for the Paris-meets-Moscow illustration, Sasha, who shot to fame with her Prada then Tiffany & Co. campaigns, has been honing her artistic side. As it turns out, her art skills are nothing new. Sasha was studying at the St. Petersberg Art Institute before signing with IMG Models in NYC.

On her illustration for Chanel: "My drawings were inspired by the joy of seeing fairytale characters coming to life in one of the main theaters of Moscow, the city where I was born."

The drawing on brown paper features three glamorous women in various headdresses and Chanel ensembles in front of a Russian-inspired backdrop.

The 24-year old model with baby blue cat eyes has also been seen sketching backstage at runway shows to kill time, and told Interview magazine earlier this year that she is working on a book of drawings for Prada. Not too shabby!

Modeling was never known for its longevity, so sounds like Sasha is planting the seeds for a post-modeling career! Beauty and brains.