lily allen

Purple reigns... for the moment. Lily Allen in one of her many Rainbow Brite-worthy wigs. Photo: Getty Images

Considering Lily Allen's built her brash reputation by kicking a paparazzo, insulting other celebs and penning explicit lyrics, it's ironic that her new attention getting M.O. is simply donning party store wigs. (Remember last week at Nobu?)

Allen took center stage at England's Glastonbury Festival wearing a wig straight out of an episode of Jem and a single white glove which the Telegraph says was a nod to the King of Pop. And that was tame compared to her incredibly skin-baring jumpsuit that showed off her slightly orange, slimmed-down figure.

Maybe it's her newfound body confidence that has her thinking that not even a crazy wig can deflect from her hotness. She just might be right.

Either that, or she was just dying to get a certain someone's attention. Before her performance, Allen was seen wandering around the festival -- in a blonde wig -- and reportedly said, "I'm going to go and wind up my ex and his new girlfriend."

No word on whether or not said ex was effectively wound up, but chances are, like everyone else, he noticed her.

For other celebs who like to mix it up in the hair color department, check this out.

Star Hair Colors Not Found in Nature

    Jamie Lee Curtis gets wiggy in pink for the Noche de Ninos Gala.

    Getty Images

    Britney Spears paired bright pink hair with a fair amount of questionable behavior in 2007. Truthfully, we kind of dig the look!

    Adrien Brody's blue streaks got, uh, "rave" reviews from some, but not everyone was impressed.

    Getty Images

    Gwen Stefani and No Doubt at the 1999 VH1 Fashion Awards -- she's never been shy about playing with out of this world hair colors!

    Getty Images

    Gwen pulls off blue hair better than pretty much anyone we know, as shown here at the 1998 MTV Music Video Awards.

    Barry King, WireImage

    A year later, Gwen was still sporting the pink, but had toned it down a bit, as seen here at Memorial Stadium in Seattle, Washington in 2000.

    Getty Images

    What else would you expect from a singer named Pink?

    Getty Images

    Jay Manuel attends the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards -- he might be more well-known for his super-platinum hair color than for his work as a TV personality!

    Getty Images

    Jenny McCarthy wore a funky pink wig to her sister's 30th birthday party at the Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas in 2006.

    Getty Images

    The late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes rocked a bright green wig for the 2000 MOBO Awards in London.

    Getty Images