"Mube" Top? Jean Paul Gaultier shows denim tube tops for men at his Spring 2010 runway show. Photo: Julien M. Hekimian, Getty Images

For his Paris men's show, Jean Paul Gaultier sent out several male models in denim tube tops from his Spring 2010 men's collection.

To add insult to injury, the pieces are not just "mustiers," but made to look like jean jackets sans sleeves and collars.

Even if we could get passed the denim debacle, a larger question looms -- man cleavage?

From the look on this model's face (right), we have a sneaking suspicion that guys aren't gonna take to the tube top trend.

For more street-ready looks from the designer, shop below.

Check out these famous men who clearly don't have a problem with their masculinity.

Mandals, Murses and Muggs

    Sure, male celebs are rich and famous, but does that mean the rules of fashion don't apply to them? Judging by the number of Muggs (man Uggs), Mandals (man sandals), Murses (man bags) and Manpris (man capris) we've spotted on Hollywood hunks, the answer, apparently, is no! Our first culprit: Billy Ray Cyrus. Looks like Hannah Montana's dad tripped in his mandals and ripped a gigantic hole in his jeans. This entire look -- V-neck tee, soul patch and frosted hair -- is enough to make any teen, even Miley, embarrassed to be seen with dad.

    Splash News

    Brad may be a dad, but that's no excuse for this overstuffed murse. Calling George Clooney -- Mr. Pitt needs a weekend with the dudes to break this habit!

    ANG/Fame Pictures

    The Hulkster looks badass... until you pan down to his ladylike mandals.

    James Devaney, WireImage.com

    For Olympian Michael Phelps, it must be hard to get dressed when you're used to wearing a Speedo 24 hours a day. These mandals belong back in Beijing -- by the pool!


    Bono found what he was looking for while on vacation with wife Ali Hewson this summer -- a heinous pair of mulitcolored platform mandals.


    Matthew McConaughey has been spotted all over town with this mega-murse designed by fiance Camila Alves. "I wear her bags daily!" he says. Hey Matt -- the operative word is her!

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    Floral print blouse? Check. Pot of giant pink flowers? Check. Black alligator murse? Check. James Spader's outfit is complete.

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    "Hello? Yes, this is Hugh Jackman. This murse is available in brown leather, too? Put it on hold -- I'm on my way!"


    Let's hope the entourage doesn't spot Jeremy Piven in these white linen drawstring manpris. The upside? A lovely slimming effect on his ankles.


    No one does murses and manpris together like Ironman Robert Downey Jr. Here, he looks absolutely delighted with his multi-pocketed weekend manbag and calf-length chinos (not to mention his grandpa hat -- nice!).