Oh, boy! Mariah Carey cross-dresses on video shoot for "Obsessed." Photo: James Devaney, WireImage | Ray Tamarra, Getty Images | James Devaney, WireImage

Mariah Carey is known for her multi-octave range, minidresses and obsession with butterflies, which is why we were shocked to see girlie Mimi dressed as a man outside of The Plaza hotel in NYC yesterday (June 29). Clearly, her versatility extends beyond her voice.

The cross-dressing turn was for her "Obsessed" music video -- the song has been garnering a lot of buzz for Carey's dissing of Eminem.

With the help of makeup, a faux beard, and of course, wardrobe changes, Carey went from all woman (sexy body-skimming minidress with gold chain necklaces) to fly guy (baggy pants, gray oversized hoodie and baseball cap -- a very Slim Shady-esque getup) to doorman (full-on bellhop uniform).

We have to give the singer props for sporting a fake goatee, and must admit she actually pulls off the cross-dressing look rather convincingly.

But true to form, Carey looked much more in her element when wearing a tight black minidress carrying several Bergdorf Goodman shopping bags.

All in a (diva's) day's work!