The sweet smell of liberty. Photo courtesy of Caron.

As we celebrate July 4th, the famous French fragrance and beauty empire House of Caron has an interesting tale that's very timely. It's the story behind their Lady Caron fragrance, inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

Ernest Daltroff, founder of the House of Caron, fled Europe in 1939 and landed (where else?) in America. He was, like so many others, excited and touched by the sight of the Statue of Liberty, and the future it represented. He decided to create a perfume to commemorate that moment, and (60 years later) it finally materialized.

Patrik Ales, who took over from Daltroff as the current owner of House of Caron (he also founded Phyto haircare), fulfilled the Lady Liberty dream in 2000, when he heard Daltroff's story and collaborated on the fragrance with in-house master perfumer Richard Fraysse.

The bottle is distinctly American with its carved Lady Liberty front and center. The scent is distinctly summery, with notes of oak moss, sandalwood, neroli, magnolia, jasmine, rose, raspberry, and peach.

Available at select Saks and Nordstrom locations.