christian lacroix working

Christian Lacroix looking somber in his atelier today. It appears he's prepping for his scheduled couture fashion show. Photo: Getty Images

Since filing for protection from creditors in May, designer Christian Lacroix has been vocal about his desire to keep his 22-year-old design house afloat. But, according to WWD, it's not enough.

On Friday, the employees were told that the company was restructuring, and the new plan could reduce the employee count from 124 to just 12, which, as WWD says, basically turns the Lacroix house into a licensing operation.

The only possible salvation? A buyer. However, Lacroix has already rejected one bailout offer -- will he remain too proud to beg?

Despite the fashion house's current troubles, Lacroix is on tomorrow's Paris couture show schedule. Could this be his swan song? We seriously hope not!

christian lacroix drawings

One has to wonder what Lacroix's next step will be. Obviously, he'll continue to fight, but he'll need more than strong will to keep his employees, well, employed. Photo: Getty Images