louis vuitton sneakers

Dress like Kanye! West collaborates with Louis Vuitton on a 10-style capsule collection. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Kanye West is proving himself quite the well-rounded fashion guy. There's his current stint at Gap and the rapper's recently released Louis Vuitton sneaker collaboration.

West gave the public a hint of what to expect when he wore the sneakers during Men's Fashion week Fall/Winter 2009 in Paris, and now the limited edition footwear is finally out!

Rumor has it that there's a serious wait list, and even though the footwear debuted late June, the collection of 10 styles may already be sold out!

Kanye sat down with Louis Vuitton and dished on the inspiration behind the capsule collection of sneakers and boat shoes.

For the the padded collars on the back of the sneakers, he was inspired by the movie "Dune."

As for the electric color combinations, the budding designer was going for a juxtaposition of soft and jolting. The gray boat shoes (see above) with electric pink soles are his favorite.

On whose fashion sense he admires, West generally thinks people over 35 are the ones with "A-Plus" style, but when asked about any exceptions, the musician confesses:

"...Rihanna, who is 21. She's kind of like a genius because regardless of how many stylists she has, I know she does it on her own. That's an innate talent, having style like that. It's kind of like the way people play sport, some people just hit the shots into the net better."

Could a Kanye West/Rihanna music collaboration be in the works?