katy perry

For Katy Perry, style is never just black or white. Photos: Chris Nicholls, courtesy of Flare Magazine

Katy Perry opens up about her outrageous fashion choices in the August issue of Canadian mag Flare, joking that she thinks she has "ADD when it comes to fashion."

She further explains, "I feel like I'm completely fearless. I take a ton of chances and I never really play it safe."

We concur. You may recall the M.A.C. Hello Kitty corset she wore to Brit awards earlier this year. And let's not forget the flurry of questionable costumes at the 2008 European MTV Awards.

Or when Perry threatened to sue Australian loungewear designer Katie Perry if she didn't stop using her name for branding purposes? No, Perry doesn't play it safe.

katy perry

Flare's August cover (left) and an image from Perry's fashion feature.

Kudos to the Flare fashion editor and stylist who did a bang-up job shaping Perry's wacky style into a series of chic looks that still show off the singer's unique personality.