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Eva Mendes, star of the latest Calvin Klein billboard. Photo: Rachel Been, AOL

Yet another Calvin Klein billboard has gone up in the prime Soho, NYC ad space -- the corner of Houston and Lafayette Streets. And surprise, it's bound to raise eyebrows!

What's going on? Is CK riding the press wave and changing it up unexpectedly to garner more buzz about the brand or just promoting its new jean? We're going with the former.

While the first sexy billboard -- a provocative threesome -- debuted in mid-June causing major public outcry and a media frenzy, it was replaced a week later by a much less controversial, bikini-clad model.

Now, just two weeks later, the bikini billboard is down and a greased-up and topless Eva Mendes has appeared in its place.

Mendes is the face of Calvin Klein's fall campaigns, appearing in both the sultry denim and lingerie ads.

Think the above is racy? She bared even more for the Times Square CK fragrance billboard late last year.

Calvin Klein Billboards

    Current Calvin Klein Billboard, Eva Mendes.

    Rachel Been, AOL

    An elderly South Korean man walks past a huge billboard advertising the American brand "Calvin Klein" in downtown Seoul Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1997. News media and civic groups are urging South Koreans not to buy foreign goods in order to help the country's economy. (AP Photo/Yun Jai-hyoung)

    Yun Jai-hyoung, AP

    CHINA - MARCH 07: Calvin Klein male model billboard poster advertisement, Connaught Road, Central Hong Kong, China (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

    Tim Graham, Getty Images

    Model Bijou Phillips is seen in a Calvin Klein advertisement which was plastered across billboards, print ads and bus shelters. Many see Phillips as only the latest in along line of modelling teens fueling the fetish for innocence and frailty. (AP Photo/L.M.Otero)

    L.M.Otero, AP

    Calvin Klein, June 2009.

    Maggie Coughlan, AOL

    NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 04: The new Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Secret Obsession billboard is on display at the unveiling of the Eva Mendes' billboard for Calvin Klein Secret Obsession in Times Square on September 4, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

    Brad Barket, Getty Images

    Red Bikini, June 2009. Calvin Klein.

    Rachel Been, AOL