Is there something shady about Lindsay Lohan's tanning mist? Photo: Getty Images

Poor Lindsay Lohan.

Just as her Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist was catching on (it's already a best-seller at Sephora), LiLo and her business partners get slapped with a lawsuit.

According to WWD, inventor Jennifer Sunday said she pitched the idea to Lohan and her partners this year, they entered into a confidentiality agreement and then La Lohan and co. bailed -- taking Sunday's trade secret with them.

You'd think these cosmetic endorsement deals would be a cakewalk, but this is actually just another example in a long list of beauty deals gone bad. Here are some of the uglier ones.

  • Uma Thurman for Lancôme Thurman smacked the beauty giant with a whopping $15 million lawsuit when the brand made the expensive mistake of using her name and face in ads after her contract expired. (Lancôme said it was unintentional.)
  • Teri Hatcher and Hydroderm After paying Hatcher $2.4 million to endorse its products, Hydroderm demanded a full refund (and then some). Why? The Desperate Housewife was touting its direct competitors' products. (That's so not cool.)
  • Sharon Stone and Dior After Stone suggested China's devastating earthquake may have been the result of "karma," Dior's Shanghai office dropped the actress like a hot potato.