Lady Gaga hides her "Poker Face" at a press conference in Malta. Photo: Rene Rossignaud, Pacific Coast News

Sure Lady Gaga is known for her traffic-stopping wardrobe (or lack thereof!), but has the blonde taken her attention-grabbing antics too far? As in wearing a full face mask ... to speak publicly? (Was she just popping by before a fencing match?)

At the press conference for MTV's "Isle of MTV - Malta Special," Gaga informs the press about her face-covering accessory: "it's not just a mask, it's a contemporary art piece."

With her voice muffled by the "contemporary art piece," Gaga attempted to talk about her inspiration, which includes photographer Helmut Newton -- no surprise there.

She keeps mum about her favorite fashion designer, but says she is currently into the fashion at sex shops. (Big shocker!)

Appropriately then, the 23-year old singer wore a bondage-inspired dress with black leather gloves of two different lengths.

While we're all for fashion experimentation, we think Gaga has taken her hit single "Poker Face" a bit too literally!

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Gaga Over Lady GaGa

    Attack of the Slashers! Rihanna and Lady GaGa are both known for their killer fashions, and here they demonstrate why pop stars have all of the fun. Last month, RiRi strutted her stuff in leather leggings by Rodarte while out and about in New York City. Over the weekend, GaGa's cutouts only enhanced the pandemonium among feverish fans as she arrived at an airport in Japan.
    Click on to see other celebs who have influenced the Lady's look (and vice versa).

    Bauer-Griffin | Jun Sato, WireImage

    According to GaGa she and Gwen Stefani have nothing in common beyond their hair color, but we see it a little differently. Musically the two aren't a match, but it's hard to deny GaGa borrows from Ms Stefani's style.


    GaGa is not the first nor will she be the last to pay tribute to Madonna's legendary style but she's certainly more committed to bringing back the cone bra than any of Madge's other admirers.

    Jakubaszek, Getty Images

    There is no one Lady GaGa references more than Grace Jones. In fact, if Lady GaGa is doing it chances are Grace Jones did it bigger and badder before Ms. GaGa was even out of diapers.

    Scott Legato, FilmMagic

    From the hoods, to her love of wearing undies instead of actual pants, Lady GaGa clearly adores the Aussie poptart Kylie Minogue's style.

    Jamie McCarthy, WireImage

    The 2001 VMA weren't a high style point for Britney Spears but that didn't stop GaGa from following in the Princess of Pop's style footsteps.


    Nicole Richie knows a thing or two about what it's like to have half of Hollywood rip off your style. The expectant mom poses as Tinseltown's latest muse on the cover of BlackBook.


    One part No Doubt era Gwen Stefani, one part MIA, a dash of Blondie and suddenly Richie is 100% GaGa.


    Paris Hilton's "anything Nicole can do I can do better" attitude struck again during a recent photo shoot in which the heiress channeled GaGa.

    The saucy singer inspires Paris in her latex bra top and pencil skirt.