Beyoncé's diamond digits in "Sweet Dreams" video. Click on the pic to see those nails in action! Photo:

Have you caught Beyoncé's new video for "Sweet Dreams?" See those diamond-encrusted fingernails? They're actually rings. And the star found them in a puppet. (Let me explain.)

Jewelry designer Jules Kim -- who creates super edgy accessories under her line Bijules -- knew that the nails/rings would be perfect for Beyoncé, but didn't know how to get superstar's attention since the singer is bombarded with products all the time. Thankfully, someone else did.

"Studded nails rings cannot just go in a black box," says Jules. "This super soft and cute hand puppet looked at me, twitching his lil' nose and said, 'Use me. I will deliver them, Jules!' How could I say no to that face?"

So Jules put the rings inside the hands and head of the puppet and sent it to Beyoncé so she had to basically wear the puppet to get the jewelry out. Jules had no idea if this would work, or if the performer even liked bunnies, but when divine inspiration via a plush rabbit hits, you just have to go with it.

The diamond-and-18k-gold rings cost $4,500 each -- so Jules had better be relieved that her bunny didn't make a beeline for the racetrack and instead arrived safely at B's front door as planned.

This little bunny delivered these $4500 pave-diamond nails to Beyoncé -- and the stunt worked! Photos courtesy of Bijules.