President Obama and Mrs. O meet Pope Benedict XVI for the first time. Photo: Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images

Here we thought Michelle Obama was in a bright and summery and bold-patterned phase, then she goes and throws us a total curve ball with this all-black ensemble -- complete with veil -- she wore to the Vatican today.

For President Obama and Mrs. O's first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, the First Lady wore a black organza bow blouse, black crepe skirt and black silk veil, all by Moschino.

She also chose the Italian brand earlier this week in Italy, securing a Liz Claiborne cardigan with one of the fashion house's brooches. (A perfect example of the high-low mixing Obama is known for.)

But don't think she abandoned her signature style completely; MO threw in a few of her trusty regulars: a black cardigan, black Azzedine Alaïa belt and black kitten heels for good measure.

While we think the subdued outfit was a good call for visiting the religious dignitary, and acknowledge that a black veil is part of Catholic tradition, we wonder if it was a bit over-the-top.

Did she go all-out because of prior criticism she's received for dressing inappropriately to meet, say, the Queen?

What do you think? Did Michelle Obama make the right move in donning a black veil -- a respectful nod to the Pope and the Catholic Church -- or is the headpiece overly dramatic? Leave a comment.