The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

    Puzzled over the perfect haircut? The tried-and-true method of going by your face shape is still the best way to find the right style for you.

    Stylist-to-the-stars (think J.Lo and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) Eliut Rivera weighs in on what looks best on square, round, oval, heart, and long face shapes. So check out these celebrity examples of spot-on (and so-so) hairstyles, and find the perfect cut for you! By Melissa Foss

    Steve Granitz, WireImage

    Oval Shape
    "This shape has the most versatility," says Rivera. But that doesn't mean that anything goes! Keep your hair healthy and avoid completely blunt cuts, which can elongate an oval face. "Add layers and create volume with product," says Rivera. That way hair won't fall flat.

    What Works: Gwyneth Paltrow's perky bob (right) takes a few years off her face and calls attention to her soft, buttery highlights. You look at her, not her down-to-there hair.

    What Doesn't: Long, blunt locks (left) drag Gwyneth's whole face downward. Not the look we're going for after 30.

    Evan Agostini, Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

    Round Shaped
    Round faces are feminine and tend to make you look a few years younger--lucky you! A cut that defines your facial features will help balance that youthful appeal with a sexier edge.

    What Works: Thandie Newton uses a side part (left) to detract width from her face (a middle part only makes faces look rounder, according to Rivera). The wavy texture adds vertical dimension while subtle layers help give the illusion of more volume --all of which help make her face appear narrower.

    What Doesn't: Flat hair, a middle part, and no volume (right). The only thing that could make this 'do less flattering is bangs--not a good idea for round faces as they visually shorten the face.

    Andrew H Walker, Getty Images; Jean Baptiste Lacroix, WireImage

    Heart Shaped
    Heart-shaped faces are typically wider on top with wide-set eyes and often a prominent chin.

    What Works: Ah, the holy grail of perfectly appropriate hairstyles (left), as seen on Resse Witherspoon. The trick: "Pieces around the face, especially side-swept bangs to hide the width of the forehead and bring the eye upward," says Rivera.

    What Doesn't: Pinning her bangs to the side (right) is a bit severe and calls attention to a wide-set forehead.

    Steve Granitz, WireImage; Michael Gottschalk, AFP/Getty Images

    Long Face
    The one thing you don't want to do is add more length, either by creating volume at the crown or by growing hair too long.

    What Works: "It's all about waves to give more width to your face," advises Rivera. Sarah Jessica Parker's voluminous look (left) is flattering and balancing.

    What Doesn't: The completely-pulled-back look (right) simply calls attention to her face's length. Plus, look how much more youthful those waves are!

    Bruce Glikas, FilmMagic; Jim Spellman, WireImage

    Square Face
    Many Hollywood starlets have this shape, characterized by prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw line. While these chiseled features look great on and off camera, the wrong haircut can make them look too strong.

    What Works: Ellen Barkin's flattering side-swept bangs (left) soften her face, and the angular bob that's tapered to just below the chin helps narrow out her jawline.

    What Doesn't: Length is key with a square face--ending hair above or at the jaw line (right) will only make it more prominent.

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