Whether in old Hollywood-inspired makeup (left) or sheer, modern textures (right), Cate Blanchett always looks radiant. Photo: Gabriel Bouys, AFP/Getty Images | Pascal Segretain, Getty Images

Cate Blanchett's otherworldly beauty may have helped her land the role as an elf in "The Lord of the Rings" epic, but the actress' ethereal look transcends her movie roles. Just look at this radiant beauty!

Blanchett, often seen in more opaque, Old Hollywood-inspired makeup -- similar to that of her Paris couture front row neighbor, Megan Fox -- opted for a drastically lightener look for the Giorgio Armani Privé show, where she appeared goddess-like (above right) in pale grayish-lilac shadow and petal pink cheeks and lips.

But most remarkable was her dewy complexion, the kind reserved for 16-year-olds and pregnant women.

Neither 16 nor pregnant (to my knowledge, at least), Blanchett claims to get her glow from SK-II, the super-pricey skincare line that she mugs for.

Blanchett, who actually discovered the line through her makeup artist, credits SK-II for dramatically improving her skin and is religiously devoted to its Facial Treatment Essence ($185).

But I wouldn't be surprised if it's the brand's newest product, LXP Moist Softening Serum ($250), that's responsible for her incandescent complexion. The rich treatment is all about imparting a well-hydrated, all-day glow.

Whichever it is, I want it!