Richard Tyler flanked by the red dresses he designed for Delta Airlines. Photo: Katy Winn, Getty Images.

Delta Airlines may be bigger since their merger with Northwest Airlines, but that doesn't mean it want its flight attendants to follow suit!

Since launching a collaboration with designer Richard Tyler, Delta's red flight attendant uniforms have taken a turn for the sexier, including trendy wrap dresses.

However, Associated Press reports that the dress is only offered up to a size 18. Now, the union that represents former Northwest Airlines flight attendants (who adopted the new uniforms on March 30) are "crying foul" and requesting that the airlines offer the red dress up to a size 28.

Tyler's in-flight fashion vision debuted in 2006, when Delta wanted to add a classy update to the airlines' mostly gray uniforms. At the time, Richard Tyler told AP, "I want them to look sexy and great, but you have to keep that classic look as well."

According to AP, a Delta spokesperson stated that the "red dress currently is only offered to size 18" and that the airline "offers a range of outfits in other colors and styles up to size 28 that flight attendants can wear." (Gee, thanks!)

What do you think? Is it fair that there's a size limitation on the designer uniform or should it be sky's the limit? Leave a comment.