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Are executives at the bull's-eye logo mega chain having second thoughts about Anna Sui's "Gossip Girl"-inspired Designer Collaboration series for Target?

People had their couture all up in a twist yesterday when word spread that the fashion line was a possible no-go.

The New York Daily News reported that scenes set to be shot at the Anna Sui flagship store in Soho, NYC were called off at the last minute, citing an unnamed source as saying the pre-shoot pull out was all due to a top Target exec's concern over the racy nature of the show.

But it just didn't add up. Why would execs wait this long to determine that the prep school fashionistas were too hot for the family-friendly retailer?

Anyone who knows anything about the privileged teen-centric show is aware of the boyfriend/girlfriend stealing and mature story lines.

The boho-rock, cheap and chic line is very closely connected with the "Gossip Girl" leading ladies. Even Target's look book is grouped by the show's main characters: Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa.

So we took it upon ourselves to find out if this was just a rumor or whether GG was too scandalous for the store.

Rachna Shah, Vice President of Public Relations at KCD Worldwide -- the firm that represents glam-rock designer Anna Sui -- told StyleList they are unsure where the cold feet info came from, and as for the line, "it's still happening."

And Target spokesperson, Joshua Thomas told StyleList, "We are moving forward as planned with the four principal leads of 'Gossip Girl' as our creative muses." And added, "Unfortunately, there was misinformation passed around and we are still very excited about the collaboration."

Not only is Target excited, but Thomas also confirmed that the retailer will be the official sponsor of this year's "Gossip Girl" season premiere: Commercials for Anna Sui's highly anticipated collection will run during the show's equally hyped debut on September 14.

When asked if the true-to-runway collection will make an appearance on the show, the Target spokesperson said he had "nothing to share at this time." (We'll take that as a yes!)

Regarding the rumor of axing the teens of the sexed-up drama from the collaboration, Thomas says "No news is good news." No kidding! The line is still set to hit 250 Target stores and online September 13. Phew.

Looks like someone was spreading some Gossip Girl-worthy rumors!