Three's (a) company! From left to right: Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss and Simon Cowell together for the Beth Ditto at Evans launch party. Photo: Dave Benett, Getty Images

If rumors are to be believed, then Kate Moss is about to get a whole lot richer!

Moss is supposedly joining forces with Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell to form a new multi-million dollar entertainment venture, reports the Daily Mail. Clearly, Britain's got talent!

We reported last month that Topshop owner Sir Philip Green and "American Idol"'s Simon Cowell were developing a global entertainment company that would encompass fashion, music and television.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, the 35-year-old supermodel could net upwards of $163 million a year! Yes, a year.

The idea behind the joint venture is that Cowell would sell merchandise from the television shows he produces (including "X Factor" and
"America's Got Talent") at Green's stores.

"'Kate has signed as a figurehead and style setter for the fashion end of the business. She will also be involved in finding and signing new bands and promoting them,'" Moss' friends are quoted on the site as saying.

'"Phillip knows Kate has been looking for a way out of modeling for the past five years. She is bored silly with her own career and has vastly increased his Topshop sales and image,'" the source adds.

In an industry that is particularly unforgiving, Moss has more than proven her modeling longevity, but it looks like Plan B is not too shabby either. Plus, there's always a singing career!